Camping & Recreation

South Feather Water and Power’s reservoirs provide a variety of recreational activities. Both the Sly Creek and Little Grass Valley reservoirs are popular places for skiing, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, and camping. With a variety of campsites (including horse camps and back pack camps), RV parks, and boat launches, the reservoirs are the perfect place to vacation with your family.

Sly Creek Reservoir is an emerald-hued 562 surface-acre lake, resting among the pines at the 3,500-foot elevation. One campground (Sly Creek) features stunning views of the lake, and the other (Strawberry) is nestled in the forest with lush vegetation surrounding each camp site. Sly Creek Reservoir has one paved launch ramp and one cartop ramp. For additional information on these campgrounds please call the Forest Service at (530) 534-6500.

Little Grass Valley Reservoir is a beautiful 1,616 surface-acre lake, sitting at the 5,040-foot elevation. Five campgrounds with over 300 campsites and three paved launch ramps serve it. Fishing is good at both reservoirs, and swimming, picnicking, and hiking are enjoyed.